5 Unique Brand Deals Of NewJeans That Prove Their Reach Is Already Undefeatable

They’re modeling across so many industries!

NewJeans took South Korea by storm right since their debut in August this year. Their refreshing sound and youthful vibe have quickly made them one of the most sought-after fourth-generation K-Pop groups. Just two months into their career, NewJeans have managed to bag several brand deals, which truly showcase their demand.

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Among all those endorsements, the five major brands that really show the range of their reach are SK Telecom, MEGASTUDYMusinsa, Pinkfong, and Shinhan Bank.

NewJeans were recently featured in SK Telecom’s iPhone 14 commercial, which made a huge noise among K-Pop fans since getting a brand deal of this scale is a rarity for a group as new as them.

Korean netizens were also impressed when MEGASTUDY, one of the country’s most prominent online college prep services, announced the group as their new face. Since the company’s target audience is around the same age as the group’s members, many felt that this endorsement was proof of their popularity among teenagers.

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Musinsa is one of the largest fashion stores in South Korea, and NewJeans are both home and abroad brand ambassadors of the company. It is clear that the group has made its impact felt in the fashion and beauty industry.

Shinhan Bank, on the other hand, is an entirely different league. As one of the oldest banks in the country, it already has a broad customer base. Recently the bank announced that NewJeans would be their new representative models. Many see this move as the bank acknowledging the group as the hottest trend they want to capitalize on.

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Lastly, the group recently collaborated with Pinkfong, the popular YouTube channel that gave the world “Baby Shark.” The collab will produce a variety of content over a period of time, starting with a dance video on the channel’s intro music, “Ninimo Song.”

The company released a statement announcing the project, where they also referred to NewJeans as the leading K-Pop group of this generation.

We hope that the perfect harmony of PingFong, Baby Shark, and NewJeans which caused a new syndrome of K-POP will bring great joy to the MZ generation as well as global fandom.

— PinkFong

There is hardly any other fourth-generation group that has this wide a range when it comes to brand endorsements. What impressed most netizens is that NewJeans are getting these various deals together as a group instead of individual endorsements, which is more common.

Every other company in different sectors, from banking to education to beauty, seems to be placing their bets on the appeal of NewJeans to attract a younger customer base!


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