Over $500 Worth Of Rare NCT 127 Albums Stolen From Texas K-Pop Store

Fans are sending their support to the first K-Pop store in Texas.

Though WayV was in for a shock when over forty of their Take Off albums were stolen from their fan signing event, they’re not the only NCT group hit hard by thieves.

Kun and Winwin hearing about the stolen albums. 

In a news clip that’s making the rounds among NCTzens, the first K-Pop store that opened in Houston, Texas was recently the victim of thieves stealing NCT 127‘s limited edition LOVEHOLIC albums.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

In a TikTok the store EVE PINK shared of the news segment, an unknown individual ran onto the property of the owner’s home address and stole the box of albums shortly after it had been delivered. Sung Bea, the owner, detailed the incident during the segment.

We receive all our products directly from Korea. On April 19, one of our most long-awaited shipments—that contained NCT 127’s special Japanese limited edition release albums—as soon as it was delivered to our residential area, was stolen.

— Sung Bea

Since the store opened in 2016 as the first K-Pop store in Texas, they were saddened by more than the incident and the $568 USD worth of merchandise lost.

As a small business, it does hurt us. It being a limited special edition, that means there’s only a certain amount made. And then after that, it’s no longer printed. Because of that, it was very difficult for us to get it in the first place.

— Sung Bea

Sung Bea noted how difficult it was for fans who’d been expecting the albums, “As much as the cost of the albums hurt us, it’s more directly to our customers and how inconvenient it is for them.

NCTzens managed to bring some much-needed relief to the situation, helping the clip go semi-viral for the news station including proper NCT background music.

Fans were also impressed with the owner proving he was a bit of an NCTzen himself by breaking down how the group’s units and remembering NCT 127 “actually performed at the Houston rodeo last year.

See EVE PINK’s news segment and update of the situation here, along with fans’ well wishes for the small business.

Source: ABC13