All 7 BTS Members Return To Social Media For “Take Two”

It’s an OT7 comeback!

All seven BTS members have returned to social media!

BTS’s 10th-anniversary family portrait | BIGHIT MUSIC

The BTS members have been busy with solo activities this past year. Jin and J-Hope especially have been inactive on social media as they are currently fulfilling their mandatory military service.

Jin | BTS/Weverse
J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

But we now have an OT7 comeback! BTS have released their new fan song “Take Two” to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Not only are all the members on the track, but Suga was involved with the production, and both RM and J-Hope served as songwriters.

So, the rap line all shared the song via Instagram Stories. RM added the caption, “did the lyrics,” with a fun smiley face, J-Hope added a purple heart and military salute, and Suga included a purple heart.


Likewise, V shared the song via Instagram Stories. He wrote, “Let’s be happy in the future!!”


Jimin posted on Weverse, announcing the arrival of “Take Two.” He encouraged ARMYs to listen to its lots!


it finally finally came out ! 😊
please listen to it lots and lots💜

— Jimin

Jin surprised ARMYs by commenting on Jimin’s post! Maknae Jungkook also commented on the post.


as expected, bts

— Jin



— Jungkook

Additionally, Jungkook posted his own post on Weverse. He talked about both “Take Two” and SEVENTEEN‘s “SUPER” challenge with Mingyu.


i see you’ve uploaded the challenge kekeke mingyu hoobae-nim (junior) it was fun 🙂 and please give lots of love to ‘take two’… i love you… im hearing it for the first in a such a long time .. wow when was that recorded heh . heh

— Jungkook

It’s so great to have them all back again!