Abused 9-Year-Old Girl Revealed to Have Been Hiding in a Water Tank for 7 Hours Following Escape

This came after she snuck into a neighbor’s empty house to fill her empty stomach.

According to JTBC’s Newsroom, the 9-year-old girl who recently made headlines for escaping her house through the balcony after years of abuse by her biological mother and step-father hid in a water tank chamber for 7 hours upon her escape.

Ahead of this update, it was revealed that the first thing the little girl did once she escaped was to eat food from her empty neighbor’s house.

She then ate the food that an adult civilian bought her at a convenience store after discovering her and calling the police, which gained sympathy from netizens for how hungry she must’ve been even in the midst of an escape.

But it’s been revealed that before she was found by the adult civilian, the little girl hid in the water tank chamber of her villa for 7 hours because she was afraid that her mother would catch her if she roamed around in broad daylight.

Despite the 9-year-old girl’s disappearance, the parents never reported her missing.

The step-father was arrested on the day of the incident and gave an apology to his daughter.

I’m really sorry.

– Step-Father

As for the mother, she is currently in hospital after a complaint of mental pain, and the police plan to investigate her upon receiving her doctor’s permission.

Source: Dispatch