AB6IX’s Donghyun Shared The Encounter That Made Him A Fan Of BTS’s J-Hope

This is what he is like behind the scenes.

During a recent live stream, AB6IX member Donghyun surprised fans by revealing a sweet behind story of when he met BTS a few years ago.

Donghyun recollected that he met all the BTS members at the backstage of a music show. While he was passing by them in the hallway, all the members greeted him happily. But J-Hope‘s warm and sincere greeting touched him the most! He followed it up by saying though he likes all the BTS members, J-Hope is his favorite for that very reason.

I like J-Hope sunbaenim very very very very much. I like him so so much. I like other BTS sunbaenims a lot too but I have special memory of J-Hope sunbaenim. It was long ago, I think it was probably during Music Bank… I was passing by them in the hallway. The other sunbaenims said hello to me happily. But the way J-Hope sunbaenim greeted me was so overwhelmingly kind that I was deeply touched.

—Donghyun of AB6IX, Vlive

He then continued to showcase how much of a true supporter he is of his senior idol by pointing at the Mang figurine hanging on his shelf, saying “J-Hope sunbaenim is the best! Also, I love his collab song with Crush sunbaenim.”

Regardless to say fans of both artists are very happy to see this genuine love and appreciation between them, with many now eager to see them work together on screen.

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