Abyss Company Releases Statement Regarding The Issue Of Sunmi’s Fan-Club NFTs—Here’s Why Fans Are Still Upset

Fans are not happy even with the official statement.

Abyss Company has released a statement regarding Sunmi and their recent announcement of her fanclub NFTs.


Recently, Sunmi and Abyss Company announced their recent venture, a “Sunmiya Club” NFT. A lot of companies, such as HYBE Labels, SM Entertainment, and YG Entertainment, have lately been venturing into investing in NFTs and are meeting with backlash from fans due to many reasons; those including the devastating environmental impact that NFTs have, how they can cause rampant art theft, and how they also can be used as money laundering tools.

HYBE Labels is another K-Pop agency that recently invested in NFTs | HYBE Labels

K-Pop fans are especially worried about people investing in this form of cryptocurrency, as most NFTs will be in the form of photocards, opening up opportunities for young fans to ignorantly purchase and invest in them.

So when Abyss Company announced that they would be issuing NFTs for Sunmi’s fanclub, fans were understandably upset, and took to social media to protest against them.

Following their protests, Abyss Company released a statement saying that the project was created to “allow Sunmi’s music and characters to exist in a more diverse space, to remember and not forget the love and enthusiastic support from our fans and our artist who have built a unique character throughout her career”.

They explained that they are “preparing a mid to long-term plan” for her fans through these NFTs, and apologize for not announcing it sooner, and for any confusion regarding the matter.

Sunmi also posted on Weverse, explaining her decision to release NFTs for her fans.

Even with the release of this statement, however, fans are still upset at the company, because it does not address any of their concerns, and are hoping for a better statement from them in the future.