The Accused Studio CEO In Yang Ye Won’s Sexual Assault Case Has Been Sentenced

Yang Ye Won finally has some justice.

Yang Ye Won, a YouTuber, revealed her story last July about a modelling agency whose staff repeatedly sexually assaulted her during a photo shoot. She accused the men of touching her and forcing her to wear lingerie while the studio doors were locked. The ordeal nearly drove Yang Ye Won to suicide.

Popular YouTuber Reveals She Was A Victim Of Repeated Sexual Assault

Suzy has been in legal trouble recently for publicly supporting a Blue House petition which wrongfully accused a studio of being involved. Though she supported the wrong petition, her support brought a lot of eyes on the case which has helped Yang Ye Won get justice.

Suzy Responds To Lawsuit Regarding Yang Ye Won’s Sexual Harassment Case, Netizens Criticize

Recently, the results of the legal case that emerged as a result of Yang Ye Won’s video has been decided. The accused who is only identified by his surname, Choi, admitted to leaking naked pictures of Yang Ye Won but denied the sexual assault charges.

The accused was sentenced to 30 months in prison for sexual molestation and for leaking pictures of Yang Ye Won to an acquaintance. Yang Ye Won’s lawyer called for sterner charges as her pictures continue to be shared.

Source: Korea Times