Suzy Responds To Lawsuit Regarding Yang Ye Won’s Sexual Harassment Case, Netizens Criticize

She will not be compensating the studio.

Suzy was previously sued by Once Picture studio for promoting a petition that wrongfully accused the studio of being involved with Yang Ye Won‘s sexual harassment case.


On May 17, Yang Ye Won shared a post on her social media claiming that she was sexually harassed multiple times at a certain studio.


At the time, two people filed a Blue House petition supporting Yang Ye Won under a title that included the name of a studio in Hongdae, Once Picture. Suzi shared an image of the petition on her Instagram Story and the number of signatures for the petition grew from 10,000 to 170,000 within just 2 days.

Suzy Shows Support For Popular YouTuber Who Was Sexually Harassed By 20 Men


It turned out, however, that Once Picture studio was unrelated to Yang Ye Won’s sexual harassment case and as a result, the studio sued Suzy and the state along with the two petitioners who filed the Blue House petitions in June 2018, claiming that they had defamed the studio.

Suzy Sued By Studio Wrongfully Accused In Yang Ye Won’s Sexual Harassment Case


At the first hearing in October, Suzy’s attorney stated that he would discuss the matter with the star and consider what can be done about the compensation that the studio was demanding.


Then at the recent hearing on December 13, Suzy’s attorney stated his case clarifying that “it was not a matter that can be resolved financially.”

“This case is not simply a matter of the Blue House petition. The controversy was sparked as news of Suzy’s sympathy towards the case spread through social media and the media. It is not a matter that can be resolved by financially compensating a few people.”

ㅡ Suzy’s attorney


Her attorney continued that if they comply with the demands for compensation, that it would hinder celebrities’ freedom of expression in the future.

“If we offer financial compensation, it may become a precedent that limits the freedom of expression for celebrities and therefore, it is that much more difficult. Of course, Suzy must take responsibility for her words as a celebrity, but she is in her 20’s just like Yang Ye Won. She simply expressed her sympathy for the emotions she felt as a person of similar age. It is difficult to accept the claims of the plaintiff, which suggest that celebrities are responsible for knowing all the facts before each and every action just because they are celebrities.”

ㅡ Suzy’s attorney


Meanwhile, many netizens have been showing negative responses to Suzy’s conclusion. Some have been criticizing the star for not taking proper responsibility for her actions.

  • “She’s so f*cking irresponsible. She’s a real typical Korean woman. I won’t be following her any longer.”
  • “She used her influence as a celebrity on an issue that was not true and made a company go out of business so she is responsible. Why are they connecting this to freedom of speech? It’s just her fault.”
  • “I thought she said she would take moral responsibility…I do love Suzy but a person’s life was lost because of this case. It’s not even that much money for her, so shouldn’t she have at least some obligation to take responsibility?”


Others have been suggesting that she should at least issue an apology to the studio.

  • “Other celebrities who supported Yang including Seolhyun and Lee Hi are different from Suzy because Suzy posted this on her Instagram and made them suffer financial loss. Whatever her intentions were, in a moral aspect, I think it’s right for her to at least apologize to the studio.”
  • “If she had just said, ‘I apologize for criticizing one side without checking the facts first,’ it wouldn’t have gone this far.”
  • “Isn’t it right for her to just compensate the studio and apologize? I love Suzy but look at the results of an influential celebrity like her instigating false information…If she’s really reflecting on her actions, she shouldn’t be fighting this legally.”
Source: Star News