Suzy Sued By Studio Wrongfully Accused In Yang Ye Won’s Sexual Harassment Case

JYP Entertainment made a statement on her behalf.

New reports state Once Picture studio sued Suzy after she promoted a petition that wrongfully accused the studio of being involved with Yang Ye Won‘s sexual harassment case.


YouTuber Yang Ye Won uploaded a video where she revealed she was sexually harassed by 20 men multiple times. After research, netizens discovered that the studio that hosted the sexual harassment photoshoots was located in Hapjeong, Seoul.


Netizens began an official petition demanding justice for Yang Ye Won, where they listed the studio in the title of the petition. Suzy shared an Instagram story of herself supporting the petition.

The number of supporters who signed the petition sky rocketed by thousands after Suzy shared her support.


Unfortunately, the petition listed the wrong studio. Once Picture, the current studio located in Hapjeong, revealed facts to back up their innocence and expressed their distress after they began to lose business and hate over the misunderstanding.

Photo a Once Picture studio.


Once Picture has officially filed a lawsuit against Suzy and two people responsible for creating the petition.

“It’s true that [Once Picture] has finished filing their civil complaint.” — Once Picture’s Lawyer


JYP Entertainment revealed that Suzy hasn’t received the lawsuit yet, but they are looking into the situation.

“Suzy hasn’t received the lawsuit yet. We’re looking into it.” — JYP Entertainment


Suzy has already apologized for supporting the wrong petition, yet the studio responded that her social influence has already caused irreversible damage.

“I learned that the petition I signed recently had revealed the wrong business name and owner, causing trouble for innocent people who are not related to this allegation. I would like to apologize to those who have been affected by my signing the petition, as I believe my public agreement may have caused more damage. It is my fault that I was not more careful to look deeper into the matter, even though what I did was out of good intention. I’m uploading this because I would like to point out to everyone that the studio in question is not related to the incident. Aside from this mix-up, however, I would like to continue rooting for everyone who supports the investigation so the truth can come out.” — Suzy

Source: Xportsnews