[Some Spoilers] Fans Discuss The Best Candidate To Play Soonrok Shin In “Yumi’s Cells”

He’s Yumi’s last love in the webtoon.

K-Drama Yumi’s Cells is well under way, with a season two already coming. The drama adaptation has remained steadfast to the original webtoon so far. As the original webtoon consists of over 500 chapters, it’s only natural that the full story be told across more than one season. In season one, we see Yumi begin her first relationship in a long time. She navigates her budding relationship with Woong. While things went well at first, it soon went south as Woong’s closest female friend comes between them. In the latest episode (8), we are introduced to Yoo Babi, played by GOT7‘s Jinyoung. According to the webtoon, Yumi and Babi soon date.

However, nearing the last leg of the webtoon, she breaks up with Babi and ends up falling in love with a new character, Shin Soonrok. Soonrok is mature, affectionate and even a whole three years younger than Yumi! As Soonrok ends up marrying Yumi, many were curious as to who would play the character.

Shin Soonrok | Yumi’s Cells

A virtual casting list has been drawn up on a community site for discussion.

1. Na In Woo

Na In Woo famously stepped in after actor Ji Soo withdrew from River Where The Moon Rises due to his scandal. His puppy-like face suits the character perfectly.

2. Ahn Hyo Seob

We are very partial to this handsome hunk. It could be a fun reunion as well as he used to train in JYP Entertainment and was even in the running for GOT7. We’d love to see both him and Jinyoung on screen.

3. Chae Jong Hyub

Potato boy! He charmed his way into our hearts with Nevertheless and we’re ready to see him dazzle again. His lovable vibes suit the character well.

3. Lee Do Hyun

Lee Do Hyun did well in Sweet Home and we are ready for him to show off his sweet side.

4. Seo Kang Joon

The OG puppy, he can make us swoon any day.

5. Nam Joo Hyuk

With his success in Start-Up, it won’t be a surprise to see him on screen again.

6. Gong Myung

Another one that suits the character well, Gong Myung’s innocent looks work in his favor.


We all know that this can’t happen because Park Bo Gum is serving in the military, but we’d have loved to see his chemistry with Kim Go Eun once again. The two starred in the movie Coin Locker Girl and Kim Go Eun once declared them as close friends.

A majority of netizens feel that Gong Myung suits the role the most.

  • “Gong Myung is good.”
  • “Nam Joo Hyuk, Na In Woo, Gong Myung!!! If Bo Gummie discharges by then, then him! Please say he’ll be out next year, please.”
  • “Gong Myung or Na In Woo match.”
  • “Chae Jong Hyub though!”
  • “Gong Myung and Chae Jong Hyub”
  • “Let’s go with Gong Myung”
  • “Gong Myung matches it so well?”
  • “Chae Jong Hyub”
| theqoo

We kind of agree! Based on the character itself, Gong Myung is a perfect fit. What do you think?

Source: theqoo
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