Actor Ha Seok Jin Opens Up About His Struggle With Low Self-Esteem

He still suffers from low self-esteem to this day.

Actor Ha Seok Jin recently appeared on MBC‘s Good Morning FM I’m Jang Sung Kyu where he confessed that he suffers from low self-esteem.

Ha Seok Jin as well as his fellow cast members, Im Soo Hyang and Ji Soo of MBC’s When I Was The Most Beautiful were asked when they were the most beautiful.


And Ha Seok Jin gave a thoughtful answer.

There are changes to self-esteem. There was a time when I was full of confidence while there was also a time when I had low confidence.

— Ha Seok Jin

He also stressed,

You have to convince yourself that you’re the prettiest right now.

— Ha Seok Jin

And when he was asked when he had the lowest self-esteem, Ha Seok Jin drew interest by confessing that it is a current issue.

I still have low self-esteem.

— Ha Seok Jin

Even on the day of the radio appearance.

When I looked in the mirror this morning, I thought to myself, ‘I’m in trouble. How do I take photos with this face?’

— Ha Seok Jin

Here’s hoping Ha Seok Jin soon sees himself for how everybody else perceives him.

Talented and handsome.

Source: Insight