Actor Shin Seung Ho Receives Backlash After Being Spotted At A Club With Actor Ji Soo

Ji Soo was accused of school bullying.

Rising actors Ji Soo and Shin Seung Ho were recently spotted at a club in Manila. The visit and video were dated December 10, 2023, but Korean netizens are only catching on now. Thanks to the power of TikTok’s algorithm, the video has reached the Korean audience in January 2024, over a month after the boys’ trip.

They were spotted in a bustling club. Shin Seung Ho was without a mask, but went around with sunglasses and a cap. Ji Soo was more careful, wearing a mask during the visit.


Kung sini-swerte ka nga naman at nakita mo si Jisoo sa pobla 🫶🏼 #fyp #kimjisoo

♬ Say Yes – 로꼬,펀치

The boys attracted attention immediately, standing out from the crowd.

Ji Soo seemed to register that people were recognizing him, as he removed his cap in an effort to use it to cover his face. A man who seemed to recognize the star reached out and tapped him on the arm, but Ji Soo quickly left instead.

A comment on the video from someone who spotted Ji Soo and Seung Ho relayed that she had asked for a photo, but was turned down.

That did not stop fans from taking candid photos of them.

Netizens criticized Shin Seung Ho, not for going to a club, but for associating with Ji Soo. The Korean public has long since turned their backs on Ji Soo after he was accused of school bullying and sexual assault. After the accusations rose up in March 2021, his company quickly denied his involvement, before terminating his contract three months later in May 2021. He ended up enlisting in the army the same year. Many netizens have termed this as his way of escaping the situation.

Netizen comments. | Instiz
  • I’m asking because I don’t get it. Are Philippine clubs a bad place that he can’t go to?
  • [reply] It’s because he went with Ji Soo.
  • Was this recently?
  • [reply] It’s written as December 12, 2023, on the photo.
  • Ah, the school bully Ji Soo?
  • But is it just me… Shin Seung Ho doesn’t give off the best impression either…
  • [reply] Right.
  • I liked Shin Seung Ho, but because of this…
  • Was Shin Seung Ho the actor that was originally a bodyguard?

You can read more about Ji Soo’s accusations below.

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Source: Instiz