Actor Jung Woo Sung’s Father Passes Away

May he rest in peace.

Actor Jung Woo Sung‘s father has passed away this morning. During the current health pandemic, many worried if his father had passed away due to COVID-19, but reports explained that he had passed away due to old age.

Jung Woo Sung was working on his film, “Director”, when he first heard the news. He immediately finished his schedules and headed to his father’s side. He will be rescheduling his other activities, as well.

His father’s funeral will be held at a hospital in Seoul. However, due to the current viral pandemic, his agency relayed a message asking friends and fans to refrain from sending their condolences outside of texts and phone calls.

Due to the current times, [Jung Woo Sung] will be sending his father off quietly with his family members. We ask that you send his family comfort and well wishes for his father.

As it’s difficult to personally send your well wishes, we ask that you call or send texts instead. We politely decline flowers and monetary convalescences.

— Artist Company

May his father rest in peace.

Source: News1 and Sports Chosun
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