Actor Kim Bo Sung Hails BTS As “Warriors Of Korea”

He respects them immensely.

In a recent episode of the cooking variety show, “Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator”. Kim Bo Sung had some complementary words to say about BTS.

Kim Bo Sung, a veteran actor who most recently starred in the movie “Analog Human” was praising Choo Sung Hoon who was also on the show and in the process he ended up showering BTS with praise.

He even displayed his dance moves with this rendition of the “Idol” dance.

“I like IDOL… I find it so cool they added a traditional Korean element to it… Yes, I truly respect it, anyone who brings honor to the country.”

There’s no question that BTS have been shining a light on traditional Korean culture recently…

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Just take a look at their stage during the 2018 Melon Music Awards! It’s full to bursting with cultural references.

Plus, they’ve done a lot to boost Korean tourism in recent times.

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