Actor Kim Seon Ho Chooses “Link” As His Next Project After “Start-Up”

He has chosen his next project.

Actor Kim Seon Ho has chosen his next project after Start-Up.

According to media officials, “Kim Seon Ho has chosen tvN’s drama ‘Link’ for his next drama.”

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Link is an emotional fantasy melodrama and human mystery drama about a man who suddenly shares a woman’s emotions one day and feels her joy, sorrow, and pain together.

Kim will play the role of Eun Kye Hoon, a man who opens a restaurant in a shabby neighborhood where his twin sister disappeared 20 years ago. He is known to be a handsome chef with a Michelin star restaurant who captures the attention of customers with his sexy appearance and performance.

| @iconickdramas/Twitter

But one day, he suddenly begins to cry and laugh randomly. He is shocked by this phenomenon, which he last felt after his twin sister disappeared 20 years ago. He then meets No Da Hyun, the woman who suddenly begins to invade his emotions.

Kim Seon Ho is currently receiving attention as an icon of empathy with his role in the tvN drama Start-Up. Since his debut in 2009, he has played a number of attractive characters and fans are excited to see how he will act in his new drama.

The drama Link is written by Kwon Ki Young, who is known for writing Suspicious Partner and I Remember you.

This drama is set to air sometime in the first half of next year.

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