Actor Kim Woo Bin Proves He’s Just As Much A Gentleman In Real Life As He Is On Screen While Filming K-Drama “Our Blues”

This has made us love him even more, if that’s even possible!

Since debuting as an actor back in the television drama White Christmas in 2011, Kim Woo Bin has always gained attention for his dazzling visuals, undeniable talent, and charming charisma.

Recently, Kim Woo Bin has been praised by netizens for proving to be a true gentleman while filming a recent K-Drama.

Actor Kim Woo Bin | @____kimwoobin/Instagram
| @____kimwoobin/Instagram

The actor made his acting return in the K-Drama Our Blues and has already been gaining attention for his amazing acting in a show that has melted the hearts of viewers.

The K-Drama has already gained a lot of love and has particularly gained attention for featuring the real-life couple Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin. The series follows the lives of different people at different points in their life against the backdrop of Jeju Island.

“Our Blues” poster | tvN

Recently, some footage has gained praise from fans showing behind-the-scenes clips from episode 14.

In the video, during one part, the cast was seen filming the drama on Jeju Island, near the ocean. Particularly, Lee Jung Eun and Ko Doo Shim filmed a scene where they cleaned fish outside and it was dull during filming. In particular, parts of Lee Jung Eun’s legs were shown as her jeans looked cropped because she was sitting on a low stool.

Luckily, Kim Woo Bin proved to be a knight in shining armor. After noticing how cold her legs seemed to be, Kim Woo Bin took a hot pack out of his coat and put it in Lee Jung Eun’s socks to keep her warm.

Even when Lee Jung Eun tried to protest, saying that it was okay and she didn’t need the hot pack, Kim Woo Bin insisted that she take it. Of course, it didn’t go unnoticed, and even costar Han Ji Min couldn’t stop praising the actor, even calling him the K-Drama’s “Angel of hot packs.”

Lee Jung Eun then agreed, explaining how amazing it is to have Kim Woo Bin with them.

Yet, it isn’t the only time the show has been praised recently.

In episode 14, Han Ji Min‘s character reveals her relationship with her sister, who has Down Syndrome. The show cast actress Jung Eun Hye, who lives with the condition in real life, to play the role of Han Ji Min’s sister Lee Young Hee.

Actress Jung Eun Hye in “Our Blues” | tvN

Both Han Ji Min and actor Kim Woo Bin showcased their true personalities while spending time with actress Jung Eun Hye. It is said that both Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin introduced the entire staff to Jung Eun Hye before filming started.

Jung Eun Hye (left) and Han Ji Min (right) | tvN
Kim Woo Bin (left) and Jung Eun Hye (right) | tvN

Kim Woo Bin continues to cement the reasons why he is one of the most loved K-Drama actors in the industry. Despite the hardships he’s suffered in the past, the actor always ensures he takes care of those around him.

You can read more bout Our Blues being praised by netizens below.

Viewers Are Praising K-Drama “Our Blues” For Casting Actress With Down Syndrome To Play A Character With The Condition

Source: tvN Drama/ YouTube

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