Lee Dong Wook Reportedly In Talks To Play Male Lead In OCN’s Upcoming Drama, “Bad And Crazy”

Lee Dong Wook in another drama? Yes please!

Actor Lee Dong Wook may be the male lead in OCN‘s upcoming drama.

Yesterday, it was reported that the producer and screenwriter for The Uncanny Counter would be joining forces again for a new OCN drama titled, Bad and Crazy. This news excited The Uncanny Counter fans, as the fantasy drama saw mega success worldwide for its plot line and production scale.

While the OCN crew previously stated that they have yet to cast anyone for the upcoming series, it seems that they may have an update.

| tvN

According to reports, an entertainment insider shared that Lee Dong Wook was recently given the offer to portray the male lead for the upcoming drama. It has been further reported that the actor is positively considering the role and is in the final stages of discussion.

Lee Dong Wook is expected to show a variety of charms and skills through the role of the protagonist in Bad and Crazy. He will be portraying a detective with multiple personalities if he chooses to accept the casting offer.

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This will mark Lee Dong Wook’s small screen return since his 2020 role as Lee Yeon in tvN‘s Tale of the Nine Tailed. He has not acted in a OCN production since 2019, in which he played Seo Moon Zo in Strangers From Hell alongside Im Si Wan.

Lee Dong Wook in “Tale of Nine Tailed” | tvN

OCN’s production will begin filming for Bad and Crazy as soon as they finish casting for the drama. They are reportedly still in progress, but have plans to air the drama in the second half of the year.

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