“Marriage Or Career?” SF9’s Rowoon And Actor Lee Jae Wook Pick Which Is More Important To Them

Their answers are truly unexpected!

When it comes to the topic of love and marriage in Korean entertainment, it can sometimes be a taboo subject to talk about, especially amongst younger actors and idols.

Yet, two people who have recently opened up about their views on marriage are none other than actor Lee Jae Wook and SF9‘s Rowoon!

SF9’s Rowoon (left) and Lee Jae Wook (right) | @jxxvvxxk/Instagram

Throughout the past few years, the two have had some truly iconic interactions after starring together in Extraordinary You. Even in 2022, the two have been treating netizens after interacting at a recent event with fellow actor Ahn Hyo Seop.

Lee Jae Wook, Rowoon and Ahn Hyo Seop

Netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when House On Wheels’ newest regular SF9’s Rowoon reunited with his Extraordinary You co-stars Lee Jae Wook and Kim Hye Yoon.

After so long, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement at seeing the three stars together.

| @kdramatreats/Twitter
| @kdramatreats/Twitter

Amongst the amazing content during the episodes, one clip has truly captured the hearts of netizens.

During the recent episode, Lee Jae Wook admitted that if he ever has any relationship problems or concerns, he always goes to Rowoon for advice.

On the topic of relationships, actor Sung Dong Il suddenly asked, “Which is more important, marriage or acting?” For two young stars, especially as one is an idol, it could be a question that made them feel uncomfortable or unwilling to answer.

While Kim Hye Yoon said acting is more important almost instantly, both Rowoon and Lee Jae Wook said, “Marriage,” agreeing with each other on their answer.

If that wasn’t romantic enough, Lee Jae Wook’s reason for his answer is truly enough to melt anyone’s heart.

It would be very sad not to have a partner in your life. Someone who can love me entirely, and someone to get old with. You can have children with that person.

Song Dung Il couldn’t agree more, and Lee Jae Wook ended by explaining, “Marriage allows you to have someone who’s always on your side.”

It was refreshing to see both Rowoon and Lee Jae Wook be so honest about their views on marriage. In particular, Lee Jae Wook showed a mature response about why he would choose marriage over his career, and it definitely has netizens blushing at his romantic side.


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