Actor Lee Jong Soo Under Suspicion Of Committing Fraud Again In The US

He has allegedly borrowed money from numerous creditors in California.

After being accused of fraud in Korea during the beginning of last year, actor Lee Jong Soo is now under suspicion of committing fraud again, this time in the US.


A source who has been watching over Lee Jong Soo in Los Angeles, where he is currently residing in, reported that the actor borrowed money from some local Koreans and hasn’t paid them back.

“While working at a casino in Los Angeles, Lee Jong Soo borrowed money from some Koreans since last August and hasn’t paid them back. Recently, he borrowed approximately $160,000 USD (170 million KRW) and hasn’t paid this back either, leaving the victims in an awkward position.”

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According to this source, there are multiple people who claim to be victims of the actor’s fraud and the amount he owes is also quite significant. Some of the victims have allegedly hired lawyers to take the case to court.


Lee Jong Soo’s fraud case was reported relatively in detail in the local Los Angeles news. The broadcast media, USKN, which generally reports Korean news, revealed Lee Jong Soo’s identity and reported the damage he caused on the local Koreans.


Just before leaving to the US to settle down, Lee Jong Soo was accused of fraud in Korea. In March 2018, he received money to host the wedding of an acquaintance and didn’t show up to the event. Charges were dropped thanks to his agency’s mediation but the issue was followed by another claim by a creditor.

Korean Actor Disappears After Allegedly Stealing Money From Multiple People


Since then, Lee Jong Soo’s whereabouts were unclear until June 2018 when it was revealed that he was residing in California, working as a host of a promotion team at a casino in Gardena.

Amid the criticism and backlash he has been receiving for settling down in the US without resolving his issues in Korea, he faces yet another fraud accusation.

Source: Sports Donga
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