Actor Lee Jung Jae Joins Instagram After The Success Of “Squid Game”

Will this influence his co-stars to create accounts?

Lee Jung Jae is the latest veteran actor that has decided to join the social media app, Instagram. While many older actors shy away from social media, it seems that the global popularity of Squid Game and his acting has resulted in him finally taking the plunge.

He updated his brand new account with a photograph to prove it was him. His followers are quickly growing, despite having only created the account on October 2, 2021 around 4pm KST. He accompanied the selfie with the caption, “Is this…how it’s done…? #Lee Jung Jae #Squid Game

Lee Jung Jae, like many other older actors previously communicated with fans exclusively via either their agency or fancafes. While Lee Jung Jae now has Instagram, many other veteran actors such as Gong Yoo still do not have accounts. Will we see his Squid Game co-star, Park Hae Soo, join Instagram soon?

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Source: theqoo

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