Meet Lee Jung Jae, The Protagonist Of “Squid Game” — 5 Fun Facts About Him

Here’s what he does when he’s not getting slapped by Gong Yoo.

If you’ve not been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Squid Game. Squid Game is Netflix‘s latest K-Drama sensation, a show where a bunch of people desperate for money and survival, participate in a series of death matches involving childhood games. The protagonist, Seong Ki Hoon, is played by Lee Jung Jae, a veteran in the acting field. Here’s 5 fun facts about him and where you might have previously seen him before!

1. He’s the OG “you have handsome on your face” guy

One of his fans originated the now commonly used joke, “you have something on your face” — “handsomeness“. Back in 2013, during a movie premiere, his fan made the joke playfully. However, he really believed it at first, as he had eaten kimbap before going up on stage. The story has a happy ending too! He eventually treated the fan to a nice dinner. Check out the clip where the fan made the joke below.

2. He’s in a relationship…

…with a capable and rich woman to boot! He is currently dating Lim Se Ryung, a chaebol heiress. Her family owns the Daesang Foods group and what’s more, she used to be married to Samsung heir and current VP, Lee Jae Yong! She has two children with her ex-husband.

| SBS News

3. He might be the best K-Villain

Lee Jung Jae’s resume is extremely packed, given that he made his debut in 1993 with Dinosaur Teacher. But throughout the years, his best works have always been ones where he has played the villain. Not to say that his other works tanked, but whenever he played a bad character, the movie or drama became a standout piece. Did you know that he acted as the God of Death, King Yeomra, in the Along With The Gods series? He played a convincing evil lord!

4. He used to date Kim Min Hee

He famously went into a public relationship with actress Kim Min Hee for 3 years. The two met on the filming site of Pure Love Spectrum in 2000 and he announced the relationship two years later after. In 2000, he was still dating a girlfriend of 8 years, but announced their break up soon in 2002-3 and announced his relationship with Kim Min Hee in 2003. They broke up in 2006, with Kim Min Hee doing the dumping. It was said that he spiralled after the breakup and went into a huge fit of sadness.

5. His next role

After the success of Squid Game, fans will soon be able to catch him in a new movie, Hunt. Launching some time this year (2021), he will play an agent for the National Security Agency. He has a work rival, played by Jung Woo Sung. The two are assigned to chase after a North Korean spy director sent to South Korea. Not much else is known. The two actors are actually quite good friends in real life!

Stay tuned for more fun facts about the cast and crew of Squid Game!

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