Actor Lee Jung Jae Spills On BTS V’s Personality In Real Life

The two met completely by chance.

In a recent interview, veteran actor Lee Jung Jae talked about how his friendship with BTS’s V started.

Lee Jung Jae | @from_jjlee/Instagram
V of BTS | @thv/Instagram

On December 27, 2021, Lee had posted a selfie with the BTS member on his Instagram account, sending fans into a frenzy. At that time, Squid Game was at its peak popularity, and the interaction had many ARMYs wishing for V to join the cast for a second season of the show.

The two posed for another selfie in August 2022, solidifying their friendship status for the public.

Now, the actor has shared the story of how they met the first time and ended up getting closer. Lee said he first met V coincidentally while attending a private meeting. He described the BTS member’s personality as “friendly,” and the two even ended up exchanging contacts afterward.

When I went to a private meeting, I ran into him by chance. He’s very friendly. We also exchanged phone numbers.

—Lee Jung Jae, Ilgan Sports

From Lee’s encounter, it seems like V was indeed very friendly with the company at the meeting since he also played his half-finished single for them. He was also impressed with the singer’s personality, which matches his attractive appearance. Lee said that he could see why V is so loved by people all over the world!

He’s not only attractive in appearance, but his personality is attractive too. I think there’s a reason why he is loved by so many people all over the world.

—Lee Jung Jae, Ilgan Sports

From Lee Jung Jae to PSY, it looks like V has a way of leaving industry veterans smitten with his charms every time!



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