Actor Lee Yi Kyung Gives The Cutest, Most Unexpected Acceptance Speech At The “2021 KBS Drama Awards”

What a speech! 😂

At the 2021 KBS Drama Awardsactor Lee Yi Kyung won the Best Supporting Actor Award with his comic portrayal of the character Park Chun Sam in Royal Secret Agent.

Actor Lee Yi Kyung at the “2021 KBS Drama Awards”

As a scene-stealing “sidekick” to the main character, Lee Yi Kyung made the viewers laugh and cry through the wild agent adventures. So rightfully, the actor took home his first acting award ever, since his television debut in 2012.

Lee Yi Kyung in “Royal Secret Agent”

On stage at the ceremony, Lee Yi Kyung seemed completely overwhelmed by the award. After claiming he “did not prepare anything because [he] did not expect to win,” the actor pulled out his cellphone—instead of coming up with the rest of his speech.

It has been a decade since I debuted as an actor but this is the first time I’m here to be awarded for it. I’m usually the presenter at these award ceremonies, not the winner… which means I didn’t prepare anything because I didn’t expect to win. I’m actually glad that Choi Dae Chul sunbae-nim gave a long speech first, so that I wouldn’t have to give a long one. I guess I’m supposed to be thanking people but I can’t seem to come to my senses right now. I don’t remember everyone’s names and I’m afraid I’ll end up leaving names out. So instead, I’ll get in touch with everyone individually after the show to share my thanks. I hope you understand.

— Lee Yi Kyung

And for the first time in all of KBS‘s Drama Awards, Lee Yi Kyung made a phone call in the middle of a live award ceremony! Referring to the recipient as “the person [he misses] the most,” the actor waited for the call to go through.

Instead, I would like to… make a phone call to someone I miss the most right now.

— Lee Yi Kyung

When a woman picked up, Lee Yi Kyung playfully addressed her as “Jagiya” (Darling or similar terms of affection, more commonly used between couples) and grinned.


Woman: Hello?

Lee Yi Kyung: Oh… Gosh… Jagiya!

Woman: (Laughs) Yi Kyung! I’m watching you on TV right now.

The woman, who soon revealed herself to be the actor’s mother, congratulated him on the honorable award and shared some encouraging words for his endeavors as an actor.

Lee Yi KyungJagiya, this took me forever. Huh? BUT YOUR SON FINALLY WON AN AWARD!

Mother: Congratulations! Your father and I are so proud of you. All your hard work over the years is paying off. We’re so happy for you.

Covered in tears, Lee Yi Kyung promised to “bring the trophy home” to his parents after the ceremony. Keeping it silly like his Royal Secret Agent character, the actor thanked his mom for giving a great acceptance speech on his behalf, too!

Lee Yi Kyung: I’m coming home tomorrow, with the trophy!

Mother: Okay! Thank you, Yi Kyung. I hope you continue to bring great fun and entertainment to a lot of people.

Lee Yi Kyung: Oh boy. Thank you for a great acceptance speech, mom!

Mother: (Laughs) Congratulations, again.

Lee Yi Kyung: I’m going to hang up now, since this is live television.

Mother: Okay, okay.

Lee Yi Kyung: Bye, mom!

Lee Yi Kyung then thanked his fellow Royal Secret Agent cast, INFINITE‘s L (also known as Kim Myung Soo) and actress Kwon Nara. And with the audience cheering him on with the biggest smiles on their faces, Lee Yi Kyung marched off stage with great pride!

My master, Myung Soo, is actually serving in the military right now. But look, sir! Master Myung Soo! Your Chun Sam won an award! And Nara, I’m so grateful. This would not have been possible without you. Thank you!

— Lee Yi Kyung

Congratulations to the actor on his first of many awards to come!

Watch the full, adorable speech here.

Source: Insight