Actor Yoo Ah In Makes A Public Appearance — And Netizens Are Shocked At How He Looks Right Now

“He must’ve been stressed…”

Actor Yoo Ah In recently made a public appearance to attend court for his alleged drug abuse—and the public couldn’t help but notice his appearance.

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On May 24, Yoo Ah In appeared at the Seoul Central District Court for questioning. There were many reporters and photographers who captured the actor arriving and leaving the scene. They even captured a moment when someone threw a water bottle at Yoo Ah In, who appeared to be shocked at the attack.

What netizens couldn’t help but notice most, however, was Yoo Ah In’s appearance; along with a tired face, he had a noticeable amount of white hairs that caught the eyes of netizens.

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Netizens commented on his hair, saying, “I didn’t know Yoo Ah In had so many white hairs,” and “Is he at the age to get white hairs?” Some even suggested it was because of stress: “He must’ve been stressed… his hair…

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Although the reason for his sudden growth of white hairs is unknown, it’s common for people to suddenly grow white hairs in a short amount of time if one is stressed. In addition, white hairs may occur due to diabetes, thyroid disease, or decreased kidney function.

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Meanwhile, Lee Min Soo, the senior judge at the Seoul Central District Court who conducted a warrant review on Yoo Ah In rejected his arrest warrant.

Source: Wikitree and Herald Corporation
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