Actors Song Hye Kyo And Lee Do Hyun Can’t Keep Their Chemistry A Secret For Very Long

Can’t blame either of them!

Actor Lee Do Hyun is making news for having undeniable chemistry with his The Glory co-star Song Hye Kyo.

Lee Do Hyun (left) and Song Hye Kyo (right) |

On December 20, both actors were in attendance for the press conference for their upcoming Netflix drama The Glory. The drama has been garnering interest as Song Hye Kyo will be reunited with star writer Kim Eun Sook, known for dramas The Heirs, Descendants Of The Sun, and Guardian.

During the press conference, Lee Do Hyun was asked, “Is it true that you practiced acting with your dog playing Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo’s character)?” 

The actor then looks at Song Hye Kyo before stammering that he did due to the fact he lived alone and there wasn’t anyone who could read with him at home.

The actor seemed flustered at the question but started laughing as soon as he looked at Song Hye Kyo. Song Hye Kyo also couldn’t help but laugh, showing off the two actor’s chemistry.

Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, and Lim Ji Yeon stars in Netflix‘s upcoming drama The Glory. The drama is a tale of a victim of school bullying who takes revenge. Check out the drama’s trailer in the link below.


Source: Wikitree

The Glory

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