Actress Who Accused Jo Jae Hyun Of Sexual Harassment Allegedly Receiving Death Threats

Choi Yul brought to light the sexual harassment that she endured from Jo Jae Hyun, but now she’s receiving death threats for it.

Actress Choi Yul posted a sexual harassment accusation against actor Jo Jae Hyun on her Instagram account.

Shortly after the upload went viral, Choi Yul deleted the post and turned her account private.


Just a day later, Choi Yul uploaded another Instagram posting related to Jo Jae Hyun’s sexual harassment allegation.

She explained that she received criticism and even death threats for exposing Jo Jae Hyun. She wrote, “I was scared this whole thing would affect my kids in some way… That’s why I deleted the original post.


Netizens stood up in support for her as they thanked her for her courage and was concerned for her safety.

  • “Report those who threatened you.”
  • “There are so many cases where women have to stand up and be bold just to get things done… As a man, I am so sorry.”
  • “You did well. I applaud you for your courage.”


Actor Jo Jae Hyun has followed up with the allegation, admitted his wrongdoings and apologized for his actions in the past.

In his apology statement, Jo Jae Hyun said, “I am letting go of everything. I will no longer only think of myself. I will not avoid the problem. I will spend time reflecting on my actions and apologizing to the victims. I am completely ashamed. I am sorry.


Source: NAVER

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