Actress Han Ji Eun Confirms Break Up With Rapper Hanhae

They’ve been dating for over a year.

It was previously confirmed in April 2019 by the respective agencies that actress Han Ji Eun and rapper Hanhae were dating. However, on 29 September 2020, Han Ji Eun’s company, HB Entertainment, confirmed via a media outlet that they have broken up.

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It is said that they broke up naturally and ended their relationship as lovers. HB Entertainment furthered that as this was their private matter, they could not disclose the time and reason of the breakup but they have both agreed to continue cheering each other on. Hanhae’s representatives have yet to make a statement.

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Han Ji Eun recently gained popularity through her role on highly successful drama, Be Melodramatic, while Hanhae has been active on Show Me The Money and Amazing Saturday. He recently was discharged from the army on 12 September 2020.

Source: Star Today