Actress Han So Hee Makes One Small Change To Her Instagram Following Her Latest Brand Endorsement

How adorable is she?! 🥰

Back in January 2023, actress Han So Hee made her fans cackle with a whimsical Instagram update…

Actress Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram

…capturing her sploot on the floor after having a bit too much to drink!

“Unnie Is That You?” Footage Of Actress Han So Hee Lying On The Floor Drunk Goes Viral

In the caption, the actress promised she wouldn’t drink again…

And I will never, ever drink alcohol again.

— Han So Hee

…except, on March 3, she endorsed the soju brand Chum Churum.

| Lotte Chilsung Beverage

The brand explained that the actress seemed a great fit for the brand, “seeing how down-to-earth she is.”

Han So Hee’s soft smile and sophisticated reputation match the brand identity of our smooth soju. Seeing how down-to-earth she is while actively engaging with her fans, we felt she was a perfect fit for our brand—one that stays with our customers in happiness and sadness. Therefore, we made her the new face of Chum Churum.

— Lotte Chilsung Beverage

As soon as the news got out, Han So Hee returned to Instagram to make one small but significant change:

| @xeesoxee/Instagram

Han So Hee (5 Weeks Ago): And I will never, ever drink alcohol again.

Han So Hee (One Day Ago): I take that back.

She was quick to take back her promise to never drink again—and fans can’t get enough of Han So Hee’s adorable personality!

| @xeesoxee/Instagram
  • “LOLOL.”
  • “Hahahaha. Is this how it’s supposed to be…?”
  • “I love you, unnie.
  • “What are we going to do about this unnie? She’s so charming, hahahaha!”
  • “Chum Churum representatives like this reply.”
  • “We know.”
  • “Heheh.”
  • “Congratulations, hahaha!”
  • “What a woman!”
  • “So cute, LOLOL.”
  • “Hahahahahahahahaaaaa! Ok, ok. Hahahahahahaha.”

Watch Han So Hee’s Chum Churum commercial here.

Source: Insight
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