Rising Actress Jeon Soo Jin Publicly Supports Chuu Amid The Idol’s Legal Battle With Blockberry Creative

The actress also called out the Korea Entertainment Management Association and large agencies.

Actress Jeon Soo Jin publicly supported Chuu amid her legal battle with her former agency, Blockberry Creative.

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On February 2, actress Jeon Soo Jin uploaded a message on her Instagram story seemingly supporting Chuu in her clash with her former label.

In her story, Jeon Soo Jin calls out not only Blockberry Creative but other large-scale agencies and the Korea Entertainment Management Association itself for abusing its power and wrongfully influencing the careers of celebrities.

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You wouldn’t know how many careers of singers and actors the Korea Entertainment Management Association and large agencies have secretly ended… Watching Chuu’s situation, I thought, ‘There goes another celebrity who is going to be blocked…’ I hope that the Korea Entertainment Management Association makes a wise decision. Although I don’t know all the specifics due to only reading about the situation, I’m rooting for Chuu. If the incident was decided by the legal courts, is it right for the management to make any further judgments? Then why is the actor’s union not doing anything and just sitting idly by?

— Jeon Soo Jin

Previously, it was reported that Blockberry Creative had filed a motion to the Korea Entertainment Management Association to halt all of Chuu’s activities. The label claimed that Chuu’s current label, BY4M, had “tampered
with Chuu before her contract was terminated in 2021.

Blockberry Creative Submits Petition To Ban Chuu’s Entertainment Activities

Chuu has since denied all allegations and stated she would release an official statement.

Chuu States She Will Post Her Position Regarding False Claims That Have Gone Too Far

Jeon Soo Jin is a Korean actress who has acted in several hit K-Dramas and movies. She is best known for appearing in Tale Of Fairy, Your House Helper, and most recently appeared in the movie Oh! My Ghost.

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