Chuu States She Will Post Her Position Regarding False Claims That Have Gone Too Far

She will post her response soon.

Recently, Chuu posted a message through Instagram regarding reports made about her and revealed she would reveal her position regarding the matter soon. Below is the full Instagram post.

| chuuo3o/Instagram

Hello, this is Chuu. It’s really tiring and sad that I must keep revealing my position. Recently, it seems that slanderous articles based on false reports have gone too far. In December 2021, I didn’t even know the company BY4M. It’s hard for me to put up with the fact that even the members are tied up with the lies, so I’ll organize my position and respond soon.

Previously, Blockberry Creative announced that Chuu had been kicked out of the group. They then submitted a petition to the Korea Entertainment Management Association and the Korea Entertainment Producers Association to ban Chuu from entertainment activities. They also postponed LOONA’s comeback in January indefinitely, announcing that “comeback activities are meaningless in a state where various concerns about the members’ situation have not been resolved.”