BlockBerry Creative Addresses Its Conflicts With LOONA In Detailed Announcement — Here’s The Full Translation

LOONA’s new album will be postponed indefinitely.

Blockberry Creative recently dropped an official statement regarding the release of LOONA’s new album, The Origin Album [o]. They have decided to postpone the release indefinitely. Below is the official statement released on their official fan cafe.

Hello, this is BlockBerry Creative. First, we would like to apologize for worrying LOONA fans due to various events surrounding our company. We also sincerely apologize to the public for causing fatigue due to the situation.

As a result of listening to the opinions of Orbit and many people, we have decided that comeback activities are meaningless as various concerns about the members’ situation are not resolved. Therefore, the new album, ‘The Original Album [o]’, which was scheduled to release on January 3, 2023, will be postponed indefinitely. In addition, we would like to explain the following to Orbit and many people who support LOONA.


After addressing the status of LOONA’s new album, the agency goes on to explain the finances behind the group’s debut.

LOONA is a project that took a lot of effort over a long period of time. Because it was a long-term and significant project that required a lot of investment and money compared to a typical idol group, the results that appeared on the surface were often less revealed than we tried.

After LOONA was planned and formed, there was an endless need for expenses that a small to medium-sized agency could not easily afford. But of course, we thought that this was the agency’s responsibility, and we persevered by paying upfront investments.

And there were also many misunderstandings and speculations regarding the settlement issue. Still, as a result, we always felt sorry for the members who could not generate profit for a long time. From the beginning, LOONA’s success was a near-impossible task that had to be accomplished with the investment and efforts of the agency, without any promises of reaching the break-even point.

It was a reckless attempt by a small and insufficient company, but this year, six years after starting the first debut project, thanks to the efforts and waiting of the members who believed in such a company, we have finally discovered the light of hope.

The announcement then explains there’s been a change in attitude that was not expected.

It would be great if all LOONA members were known to the public by one name, but due to the nature of a multi-member group, a member who becomes known first will appear, and we support the member who first built awareness of the group. Giving this was an inevitable choice, all members wanted to go together with one heart, but unfortunately, contrary to our expectations, members’ attitudes began to change.

Because of this, we also took the risk of investing in advance, agreed to change the contents of the contract for the future, and tried to protect all of LOONA in any way, but as everyone knows, we came to an unfortunate conclusion.

Finally, the agency promises it will keep working hard, so that fans can continue to support LOONA.

Regardless of the success or failure of the series of attempts we made as a small company, we are proud that the challenge alone marked a milestone in the history of K-Pop. Of course, all the problems stemmed from our company’s inadequacies, and we should take responsibility for it, but we can’t stop working to protect LOONA and achieve our dreams together. Also, we know very well that the dream will come true only when many people, including Orbit, join us.

We will work toward creating an environment where all our fans can support LOONA with happy hearts. Once again, we sincerely apologize to everyone and ask that you keep LOONA’s dreams and future that are still valid. Thank you.

Source: daum cafe


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