Agency Gold Medalist Decides Not To Renew Contract With Actress Kim Sae Ron

The actress is currently away from the industry.

Actress Kim Sae Ron, who has been on hiatus since her DUI accident, is reported to have parted ways with her agency.

Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram

On December 1, My Daily reported that the actor’s previous agency Gold Medalist had decided not to renew their contract with the actress.

Our contract with Kim Sae Ron has come to an end, and we’ve decided not to renew it.

— Gold Medalist

The news comes at a time during which the actress is currently on hiatus due to her DUI accident in May 2022. It remains to be seen how this will affect her efforts to return to the industry in the future.

Recently it was reported that the actress had resorted to working part-time at a cafe due to financial constraints. The reports alleged that the actress had been facing hardship due to repaying Seoul City for causing damage as well as compensating businesses, sponsors, and production companies affected by her accident.

Actress Kim Sae Ron Reportedly Worked At A Cafe Due To Financial Hardship After Her DUI Accident

Netizens, however, were skeptical of this as Kim Sae Ron’s prior appearance on a variety show resurfaced. In her appearance, the actress revealed her luxurious home in one of Seoul’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

Kim Sae Ron’s Luxurious Home Reveal Resurfaces Amid Reports That She Is Facing Financial Hardship

Previously in May 2022, the actress was involved in a DUI accident. According to reports, the accident caused damage to an electric transformer, cutting off electricity to one of Gangnam’s busy intersections and neighboring businesses during the morning rush hour.

CCTV footage of accident |

The accident marks a sudden-drastic fall from grace for the actress who had prior enjoyed immense popularity. The actress first became a household name in Won Bin‘s 2010 noir classic, The Man From Nowhere. Kim Sae Ron would successfully transition as an adult to become one of Korea’s fastest-rising leading actors, starring in the drama Mirror Of The Witch and the movie The Villagers.

Source: Wikitree
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