Actress Kim Sae Ron Was Not Alone When She Was Pulled Over By Police

“Netizens believe that the passenger will face charges of accessory to the DUI…”

New facts have been reported regarding actress Kim Sae Ron‘s DUI investigation.

Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram
Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram

According to the Gangnam Police, on May 18, the police responded to a call that a driver in the Chungdam District of Gangnam was driving erratically. The driver was actress, Kim Sae Ron.

Chungdam Dong |

A new report from YTN further alleges that the actress was with one other passenger when the police pulled her over. No other detail was provided regarding the identity of the passenger.

Netizens commented on online communities that they believe the passenger will face charges of accessory to the DUI.

Comments on Theqoo | Theqoo
  • 55. The passenger will be charged with accessory.
  • 56. It doesn’t say whether the passenger is a male or female.
  • 57. The passenger should also be charged. You shouldn’t ride in the car of a drunk driver.
  • 58. The passenger needs to be charged.
  • 60. I mean, why would you drive drunk when you have a passenger.
  • 62. Both of them are not in their right minds, sigh.
Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram
Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram

It has been revealed that the actress was so drunk she couldn’t speak properly at the time of detainment. It is said the actress struggled to explain what had happened.

I bumped into the guard rail and safety divider and all that other stuff.

— Kim Sae Ron

Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram
Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram

The actress’s label, Gold Medalist, gave a statement on Kim Sae Ron’s current status.

Kim Sae Ron underwent a blood test for accuracy. After the test, she left with her guardian without further tests. The blood test results will be available in two weeks after which Kim Sae Ron will cooperate with investigations faithfully.

— Gold Medalist

On the morning of May 18, the actress was pulled over by police for driving erratically. The actress is alleged to have crashed into a guard rail as well as an electric transformer cutting off the power of a traffic signal light and causing major delays for morning commuters.

Emergency maintenace crew at the scene of the accident | My Daily
Emergency maintenance crew at the scene of the accident | My Daily
Source: Wikitree

Kim Sae Ron's Drunk Driving Incident

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