Actress Kim Sae Ron’s DUI Made The Cast Of Netflix’s “Bloodhounds” Suffer — The Director Reveals What Happened Behind The Scenes

Everyone suffered behind the scenes.

Last year, actress Kim Sae Ron was in the middle of filming Netflix’Bloodhounds when she got a DUI for drunk driving. The show’s director recently shared how her DUI affected him and those around him.

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According to Newsen, on June 13, director Kim Joo Hwan had a difficult time after finding out about Kim Sae Ron’s drunk driving incident. She was supposed to play the female lead in Bloodhounds, so when he heard about the incident while working on the show, he “froze up.”

So many unorganized thoughts shot around my head like bullets about how I should take responsibility for things that happened without my choice.

— Director Kim Joo Hwan

Actors Woo Do Hwan (left) and Lee Sang Yi (right) in “Bloodhounds” | Netflix

It was already known that Kim Sae Ron would not be completely edited out of the show because her character, Cha Hyun Joo, was essential to the narrative, and filming was complete. Therefore, the staff had to rewrite the whole script.

Kim Sae Ron’s narrative will continue in the seventh episode. In order to minimize any inconvenience to our viewers, we stopped production for about a month and wrote from beginning to end. We had to write about 80 pages within a month to maintain our staff, and expenses were incurred. It was a lot of pressure.

— Director Kim Joo Hwan

(From left to right) Actor Park Sung Woong, director Kim Joo Hwan, actors Woo Do Hwan and Lee Sang Yi at the press conference for “Bloodhounds” | Netflix

Not only did the staff suffer in the workplace, but Director Kim Joo Hwan suffered from health issues because of that stressful time. He confessed his severe health conditions that didn’t improve after the show.

A lot of diseases have occurred in my body and mind. Due to mental and physical stress, I had hair loss, neck disc, irritable bowel syndrome, and autonomic nervous system problems. There was no place that didn’t hurt. I didn’t get better even after I finished.

— Director Kim Joo Hwan

Director Kim Joo Hwan | Netflix

In addition, the director shared that Kim Sae Ron’s DUI affected other actors—some lost their parts entirely as the show had to be adjusted due to her scandal.

Some of the actors who came out with Kim Sae Ron have lost their parts completely. They probably feel like this is unfair. I tried to take scenes out like this and like that. I felt bad. The Netflix officials and I tried our best.

— Director Kim Joo Hwan

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He then shared that he’s “not in touch with Kim Sae Ron at the moment.” She was seen “liking” his posts on social media to support his projects, and when asked about this, he shared his uncertainty about how this affects him.

It’s her personal freedom, and it’s hard to know how it affects me. She has feelings, too, and there will be parts that cannot be counted.

— Director Kim Joo Hwan

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Meanwhile, the release of Bloodhounds had to be postponed several times in May last year due to Kim Sae Ron’s DUI controversy. Bloodhounds was released on June 9 and tells the story of two young men caught up in the world of private loan business, where money comes before human life, fighting for their lives against vast forces of evil.

Watch the trailer for Bloodhounds here.

Source: Newsen and Wikitree

Kim Sae Ron's Drunk Driving Incident

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