Gold Medalist Releases Results Of Kim Sae Ron’s DUI Blood Test And Apologizes

They have given another update.

Actress Kim Sae Ron was previously reported to be under investigation for drunk driving. Kim Sae Ron was caught around 8 am in the Hakdong neighborhood of Gangnam after hitting a structure with her car and attempting to flee the scene. Police wanted to conduct a breathalyzer test on her, but she requested a blood test to be done at the hospital instead. On June 1, 2022, the police released to the media that her results contained 0.08% alcohol. Her agency had denied that they received the results back then.

On June 7, 2022, her agency, Gold Medalist, released a new statement. Unfortunately, her results showed that she had 0.2% of alcohol in her, a result that warrants the cancellation of her license. Her agency also issued an apology to the public.

Hello. This is Gold Medalist. Kim Sae Ron has diligently concluded the investigations by the police for drunk driving and other accidents on June 4, 2022. The results of her blood test showed 0.2%, a result that warrants the cancellation of her license.

Kim Sae Ron is deeply reflecting over her definite mistake. In addition, she is in the midst of remunerations for the damages caused by her accident and plans on doing her best to take responsibility for it.

We bow our heads deep in apology once more to everyone who was disappointed by this unfortunate incident, as well as to those who were affected by it.

— Gold Medalist

Prior to her accident, Kim Sae Ron was a well-loved actress who had grown up in front of the camera. She has since pulled out of several upcoming works, including SBS’s Trolley, post-accident.

Source: XSports News

Kim Sae Ron's Drunk Driving Incident

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