Actress Park So Dam Was Almost Not Cast For “Parasite” Because She Didn’t Reply Back To Director Bong Joon Ho

She has a hilarious reason 😂

Actress Park So Dam recently guested on MAMAMOO Solar‘s YouTube channel, where she dished on her current whereabouts as well as her role in Oscar winning film Parasite.

When on the topic of how she was cast for the film, Park So Dam shared that she wasn’t signed to any agency beforehand: “I didn’t even have a company back then“.

Because she didn’t have an agency to manage her work, renowned director Bong Joon Ho personally contacted her to cast her for the role of Kim Ki Jung.

While I was spending time alone like that, director Bong Joon Ho contacted me.

— Park So Dam

Before Parasite, Bong Joon Ho was best known for directing Snowpiercer, Memories Of Murder, and The Host, among others.

Bong Joon Ho in the 92nd Academy Awards | Oscars

His fame and reputation in the industry must have been the reason why Park So Dam couldn’t believe it was him messaging her! He believed she was perfect for the role after she had previously auditioned for his 2017 film Okja.

Solar asked in surprise what ended up happening next.

Because she was filled with doubt, Park So Dam didn’t even bother replying: “I didn’t respond“.

In disbelief, Solar clarified if that meant she left the Bong Joon Ho on read: “So you left him on read?

Hilariously, she really did! Fortunately for everyone involved, he contacted her again, and this time she responded.

Parasite definitely wouldn’t be the same without Park So Dam’s incredible acting, so thankfully everything worked out in the end! Catch more of Park So Dam and Solar in the full video below.


Source: 솔라시도 solarsido, Twitter and Twitter