Actress reveals the horrific things Lee Youn Taek did to women, during his history of Sexual Assault

She explains she wished to remain anonymous for the children in her acting group.

On the February 19th’s broadcast of the News Room, an anonymous actress accused South Korean theater director Lee Youn Taek of sexually harassing and assaulting the member actresses of the now disbanded Yeonhee Street Theatre Troupe.

In her allegation, she included that the head of the troupe Kim So Hee took part in allowing and even assisting the director to abuse the troupe members.


The actress claimed, “The abuse began around 2004 to 2005. The director forced me to intimately massage him, in ways that are indescribable. Lee would say he wants to sleep with me. He would reach into my shirt and say he needs to check how much I have grown… He would penetrate my private part with sticks and chopsticks, saying it will help my vocalization.”

She added, “But the troupe’s senior members hurt me more. One of the female seniors (Kim) would tell me to massage the director as told.”


The actress continued, “Kim said she didn’t know what was happening and when she found out, she tried to stop him. But what she really did was pick out the girls to send to the director so he can get massaged.”

When the actress would turn down to see the director, Kim would physically abuse her by beating her chest with a tray. She explained Kim would say, “Don’t be selfish. With your sacrifice, everyone can be off the hook.”


When this anonymous interview aired, the troupe head Kim So Hee claimed the accusations are not true. Kim said, “I’m shocked and shaking. I have asked the broadcasting company to correct the news.”

Kim added, “I don’t know who the anonymous interviewee is, but I will do what I need to do to make the truth come out.”


When Kim suggested the accusations are false, the anonymous actress came forward and revealed her identity via a Facebook upload that explained who she is and why she decided to speak up.

Actress Hong Seon Joo had been a member of the theater troupe for 11 years.


On her Facebook, Hong explained why she had initially decided to remain anonymous and what led her to come forward.


Since Hong’s Facebook post, Kim admitted her faults and apologized. Kim said, “It was an honest mistake, I don’t remember all the details of what happened around that time. I’m sorry I hurt Hong.”

Since the first allegation, there has been a flood of confessions from the former troupe members. The #MeToo movement is unveiling the darkest moments of Korean theater history.


#MeToo Movement In Korea