Actress Seo Ye Ji Reportedly Drops Out Of Upcoming OCN K-Drama “Island” Following Controversy With Kim Jung Hyun

The script will have to be completely re-written.

Actress Seo Ye Ji has reportedly dropped out of the upcoming OCN drama, Island, following her controversy with Kim Jung Hyun.

According to an exclusive report from Osen, Seo Ye Ji has made the decision to drop out of Island, and the production team has proceeded with full-scale revisions on the script. This is because the writers of the drama planned each character to be as realistic as possible, taking the actress into account.

Island is a drama about a beautiful island near Jeju, towards the Southern end of Korea. The island hides a deep secret — a monster that seeks to eradicate all traces of humans on the island over time. Seo Ye Ji was slated to play a chaebol heiress that visits the island and seeks to turn it into an island profit but ends up encountering the monster.

The only person that can help her is a hunter that has been after the monster for a long time. As they meet, a deep relationship blooms between the two, and the puzzle containing the answers for their fates is solved.

In response to the article, a representative from Island simply stated that nothing has been decided yet regarding Seo Ye Ji. Island was originally scheduled to begin filming in June, but due to the revision process, filming may be delayed until July or August, or even beyond then.

Source: Osen and Xportnews

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