Actress Son Ye Jin Shares First Picture of Her Baby Boy Since Giving Birth In November


Actress Son Ye Jin and actor husband Hyun Bin welcomed a baby boy, nicknamed Alkong, in November 2022. And for the first time since, Son Ye Jin took to her Instagram and posted a precious picture of her son’s feet.

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In celebration of Christmas and the holidays, Son Ye Jin updated her fans on how she had been doing.

The actress thanked those around her and said the baby is making her feel “stronger than ever.” She also hinted that her husband, Hyun Bin, is striding well into fatherhood, “falling in love with Alkong more and more each day.”

Merry Christmas!🎄 I hope everyone is doing well. It’s already the end of 2022. Thanks to your support, I’ve been great. 🤗

This year has been even more special to me… As you know, my husband and I welcomed the birth of our precious son… 🥹 And I learned that it takes a lot of love, care, and help to bring a life into this world. I wanted to show appreciation for those who’ve helped me.

I was worried about my baby because he came a bit earlier than I expected. But that allowed me to think about natural birth. And thankfully, I was able to deliver without a c-section.

Thank you, director Shin Mi Young at Samsungsoo OBGYN who took care of Alkong with so much affection. Thank you, professor Oh Soo Young at Samsung Seoul Medical Center who encouraged me when I was torn between natural birth and c-section. And thanks to all the medical staff who brought Alkong to me!

Thank you, DeRAMA Postpartum Care Center, for all the prenatal massages and for the postpartum care. Thanks for taking great care of me even when I was exhausted from looking after an infant.

And I have so many more people to thank. I feel like I’m finally becoming an adult, now that I have a child of my own… Looking at how precious Alkong is, it reminds me of how we’re also precious children to our own parents. All babies are blessings. They light up this world…

Now that I’ve met someone I love more than I love myself, I feel completely hopeless but, at the same time, I feel stronger than ever—like I can do anything and everything.

Amid a storm of all kinds of feelings and thoughts, I decided that I should live in gratitude. It’s a given, but it’s so easy to forget. And thank you, fans, for keeping me in your prayers. I was able to unite with my baby boy with your help. Thank you all so much.

And to [my husband], doing all of this with me—falling in love with Alkong more and more each day, I give thanks. 🦔 I hope everyone has an unforgettable Christmas this year. All of you were incredible throughout 2022. 👏👏 I’ll try my best to stay healthy. You try your best to be happy! 🙏

— Son Ye Jin

Fans are flooding the comments section with congratulations for the new parents, also grateful that the actress and her son are doing well. Actresses Lee Min Jung and Oh Yoon Ah also popped in to comment on Alkong’s cutest little feet!

| @yejinhand/Instagram

Lee Min Jung: What a feet-uring*, ha.

Oh Yoon Ah: Dear Ye Jin, good work! He has handsome feet.

*The direct translation says, “Great feet-acting,” which is a play on the phrase “balyeongi (feet acting)” meaning “terrible acting.”

Will we get a full reveal in 2023? STAY TUNED!

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