Here’s The Actual Storyline Of “The Astronaut” Music Video, As Explained By BTS’s Jin Himself

Did you get it right?

BTS‘s Jin has just released his solo single “The Astronaut,” and its music video is full of emotional symbols that portray his relationship with BTS and ARMYs. While fans were theorizing about specific scenes and the overall story of the video, Jin explained the exact plot in a press release video.

| @bts..bighitofficial/Instagram

According to Jin, he plays an extraterrestrial being in the video. He crash-landed on earth after traveling in space for a while and was supposed to return to his planet. But when his ship finally came to take him, he decided to stay back for the people and the precious things he grew to love on earth.

 The music video enveloped the storyline so well that fans understood it immediately. The connotations of Jin being an “alien” who found his home with supposed strangers is a hard-to-miss ode to the story of both BTS and ARMYs. The music video is a poignant reassurance that he is here to stay with his found family, and that was more than enough to open the floodgate of tears for fans who are preparing to see him off to the military soon.


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