ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin Posts Cryptic Instagram Story After NewJeans’ Members Are Hit With Hateful Comments

She responded in her own silent way.

The girls of NewJeans were recently hit with hateful comments on a livestream. Hyein was targeted with mean comments, to which she seemed visibly affected. As Hyein is still a young teen, Minji stepped up to defend her by taking screenshots of all the hate comments.

Following the incident, Min Hee Jin posted a cryptic Instagram story without any further explanation. It seems like a fan had sent the illustration to her. The adorable picture showed four animals that represent the members of NewJeans, in line behind their puppy leader, Minji. A huge Bunnies dressed in armor stands in front of them, protecting them from arrows.

Min Hee Jin Instagram. | @min.hee.jin/Instagram

The Bunnie in armor represents NewJeans’ fanclub, Bunnies. It is the same illustration used for the group’s lightstick. It seems like Min Hee Jin is well aware of how the fans feel about recent situations! The puppy representing Minji also has a sword in hand. She is ready to fight for her group, but fans will always protect them first.

Netizens expressed their gratitude towards the CEO.

Netizen comments. | Instiz
  • I can see that Min Hee Jin really treasures NewJeans like her daughters. Please protect the babies.
  • I really love ADOR and the CEO.
  • Ah, so good to see. I can see that she treats them well.
  • I just saw this. I’m touched.
  • Is that big character Bunnies?

The synergy of the company, the fans, and the members are definitely one of the best in the industry.

Source: Instiz