ADORA Meets Her Favorite Group Highlight For The First Time To Re-Record Her Fan Song Dedicated To Them 10 Years Later

This is one of the most successful fan stories ever!

Have you ever imagined one day collaborating with your favorite artist?

For some, that dream is a reality! That’s the case for ADORA.

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K-Pop fans will be most familiar with ADORA for writing and composing songs for BTS and TXT as she was an in-house producer for BigHit Music. Her vocals can even be heard in some of their songs.

Fans have always thought that she was too talented to remain behind the scenes. So, now, she is making her debut as a solo singer!

ADORA has been a music-lover for years. Like us, she was a K-Pop fan growing up. At one time, her “ult group” would have been Highlight (formerly known as BEAST).

Highlight | Around Us Entertainment

In a new interview with Dingo, she revealed that she even made a song dedicated to them ten years ago when she was just about 14 years old! Now, the world will finally get to hear the song.

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Not only that, but that little girl’s dream has literally come true as she now has been able to collaborate with her favorite group!

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Dingo released a teaser, announcing that ADORA and Highlight would be releasing a new version of her song.

10 years ago..the fact that this fan song about their favorite idols became an actual song 10 years later!! Such an amazing artist with such amazing fans. I feel moved because apparently, this specific part of the song was created with the thought of all the light sticks.

— @dingo_official

During the interview, ADORA couldn’t believe it. She would be meeting her favorite group that she has loved for many years for the first time and releasing her own music. Her face even lights up when she speaks about them!

ADORA wasn’t the only one emotional about the collaboration either. Highlight’s Yoseop and Dongwoon shared their feelings about the song in an interview too. They couldn’t help but reflect on the growth of both their fandom and themselves as a lot has changed these past ten years.

First of all, I think the lyrics touched my mind of these days of these days so much. I was about to cry…

— Yoseop

Of course, the song will resonate with many people. Lights (formerly known as B2UTYs) will recognize all references made to the group and their career.

| @hlsyux/Twitter

Any K-Pop fan can relate to ADORA and her love for Highlight. She recently posted about them to her Instagram Stories, and she confessed that she can sing and dance to their songs too!

| @dora._.a/Instagram via @hlsyux/Twitter

We love a successful fan story!

Listen to the song here:

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