aespa’s “Black Mamba” Breaks Another Record By Making Its Way Onto The Billboard Chart

This is the highest a debut song has ever ranked!

aespa may have only debuted 10 days ago, but these girls have been ranking #1 on search engines all over the nation and breaking record after record. Well, to add on to their already impressive list, here is another accomplishment.

| aespa_official/Twitter

It has just been revealed that the rookie girl group from SM Entertainment has made their way onto the Billboard charts! While the song has only been released for 10 days, “Black Mamba” has officially made its debut onto the Billboard Global Chart Excluding U.S. Chart.

Charting at #100, “Black Mamba” can be found on the highly coveted list for the week of November 28th on the Billboard Global Excluding U.S. Chart. This is the highest a debut song by a Korean artist has ever ranked. What an accomplishment!

| Billboard

Their mega hit debut song is featured right under “Popstar” by DJ Khaled featuring Drake. Wow, what an achievement! They should be incredibly proud of themselves.

| aespa_official/Twitter

Congratulations to the girls on all their newfound success! If you haven’t heard aespa’s debut song “Black Mamba” yet, check it out down below.

Source: SBS and Twitter


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