Here’s What You Can Expect From aespa’s Next Comeback, According To The Members Themselves

Their next comeback sounds epic!

Aespa recently did a pictorial for Allure Magazine Korea‘s May magazine issue where they showed off their gorgeous natural charms.

(left to right) aespa’s NingNing, Winter, Karina, and Giselle | Allure Korea

All of the members looked ethereal in the very natural styling.

| Allure Korea

| Allure Korea

And understandably, fans are very excited to see the entire shoot when the magazine is released.

| Allure Korea

| Allure Korea

But alongside the magazine pictorial, aespa also did an interview with Allure Korea where they answered questions like whether the older or younger members have better chemistry…

(left to right) aespa’s NingNing, Winter, Karina, and Giselle | Allure Korea/YouTube 

… And what covers they might want to perform in the future.

| Allure Korea/YouTube  

But one notable question they were asked was about what might be coming in the future of aespa’s part in the SMCU (SM Culture Universe).

| Allure Korea/YouTube  

The SMCU is part of SM Entertainment‘s goal of establishing a story world that its artists can explore through music and music videos.

SuperM and NCT2020 both helped establish the creation of the SMCU, teasing concepts like “KWANGYA” and “KOSMOS.”

NCT U‘s “90’s Love”

Then, aespa truly gave fans insight into the story world through their music videos “Black Mamba,” “Next Level,” and “Savage.”

Although Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has joked in the past that the story world is confusing and, at first, he thought the SMCU was referencing a new convenience store SM was creating…

We didn’t know what SM ‘CU’ was. I thought it was a convenience store! i thought, ‘Is SM making a convenience store?’

-Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

Fans have worked hard to start to understand the complex storyline.

Essentially, the key part of the storyline focuses on aespa’s connections with their Ae (alter-ego), which are the members’ virtual avatars that have even performed with aespa on stage.

Fans have deduced that, from their debut, aespa has been fighting the villain of the SMCU, the “Black Mamba,” that may be looking to separate aespa and their Aes.

Fans suggest that in the “Black Mamba” music video, aespa had their first confrontation with the villain.

Their second music video, “Next Level,” depicted the members becoming stronger to truly defeat the villain.

And their most recent music video in the SMCU, “Savage,” shows how since aespa initially weakened the villain in “Black Mamba,” they have confidence in their ability to ultimately defeat it.

And now, aespa has given fans a very direct hint about how the storyline may unfold in aespa’s future music videos.

| Allure Korea/YouTube  

Without hesitation, Karina shares that the continuation of the story is “aespa going to fight against Black Mamba.”

| Allure Korea/YouTube  

She describes the confrontation as a “real battle.”

| Allure Korea/YouTube  

Winter shares that she thought they had already defeated the Black Mamba in “Savage” but realized that they hadn’t yet.

| Allure Korea/YouTube  

NingNing even suggests that the Black Mamba never dies.

| Allure Korea/YouTube  

But Karina shares that in the upcoming music video, “there will be scenes [where they] fight.”

| Allure Korea/YouTube  

And aespa encourages fans to “stay tuned” for the future development of the SMCU and their future comebacks.

| Allure Korea/YouTube  

You can read more about the SMCU here.

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