Aespa Gain Praise For Their Thoughtful Gestures As They Arrive In Korea After Japan Showcase

They did their best!

The members of aespa are gaining praise for their thoughtful actions at the airport as they return to Korea.

Aespa’s Winter and Karina

After a successful showcase in Japan, the members are once again proving that they are incredibly kind in addition to being insanely talented.

Aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

Their two-day showcase saw them flex some serious vocal skills, as well as some unreal visuals (and the cutest hairstyles!).

While NingNing gained attention for the new tattoo she gave fans a glimpse of during the showcase…

Aespa’s NingNing

…it is now the members’ thoughtfulness at Gimpo International Airport that fans are proud of. Despite the fact that the members were being crowded by many people, netizens couldn’t help noticing that they did their absolute best to take as many fan letters as possible from the fans who were there.

In fact, when Winter was unable to get letters from fans who wanted to give them to her, Karina thoughtfully took the letters to give to her later.

Similarly, when a guard blocked some fans from giving Karina their letters as the members got in the car, NingNing, who saw what happened, took the letters to give to Karina herself.

And when a fan tried to give Winter a cute toy, Winter looked adorably disappointed when she was unable to reach it!

At one point, Karina suddenly got the sense that someone around her was about to fall, and she did not hesitate to put her hand out and help them.

Aespa’s behavior towards both fans and reporters has led them to once again gain praise for always being thoughtful and considerate idols. As some MYs point out, this may be part of the job description, but the fact that the members consistently go out of their way to be kind is very meaningful!

Aespa never fail to show love and appreciation for everyone including the members, fans, and staff!