Aespa’s NingNing Gains Praise For Her Live Vocals In Japan Showcase

NingNing once again proving her vocal queen status.

Aespa‘s NingNing has gained attention for her live vocals in the group’s Japan showcase, leaving fans impressed with the stability of her sound.

Aespa’s NingNing | @aespapic/Twitter

The members are currently in Japan for their two-day showcase. It has been yet another occasion for aespa to wow fans with their performances and visuals, something that they easily did with style.

Aespa | @aespapic/Twitter

Of course, there were plenty of cute moments too…

…particularly during the girls’ spare time, as they got to spend some quality time bonding with Giselle‘s family…especially her dog!

But there was one moment that caught fans’ attention from day one of the showcase, and that was when a clip caught NingNing’s stunning live vocals. The members were praised for being true vocal queens at this year’s Coachella, where they performed completely live despite the difficulty of doing so with intense choreography.

Fans were left feeling extremely proud of aespa’s performance on the main stage, especially because it also got the attention of one of the festival’s directors.

Now, NingNing is once again turning heads with her live performance and proving that she sounds just as good IRL as she does in studio recordings!

NingNing sounded stable even when singing a difficult song like “Black Mamba.”

In fact, some fans couldn’t help hilariously joking about just how stable she sounded!

Earlier this year, SM Entertainment received criticism for aespa’s common use of lipsyncing. Yet, according to Stray Kids‘s Bang Chan, prerecorded vocals are actually fully necessary for K-Pop idols to maintain their singing voice in good condition, especially during busy schedules.

Aespa’s recent showcase in Japan (and their July showcase in Korea) showed that, while aespa may use prerecorded vocals as a precaution, they certainly don’t need it to sound good!