Aespa Gains Praise For Flawless Live Vocals At The “Lotte Family Concert”

They ate with no crumbs.

Aespa recently performed at the Lotte Family Concert held in Seoul on June 16, 2023. The girls sang a medley of songs including their hits “Illusion,” “Spicy,” and “Next Level.”

Many noted that the girls performed with close to no vocals on the backing track. This meant that the girls sang fully live.

True to their reputation, the aespa girls rocked the performance.

They were perfect, from their live vocals all the way to their visuals. Giselle, who returned to the group after a much needed break due to her health problems, also wowed the crowd. Netizens had nothing but praise for the group.

| theqoo
  • Wow LOL. I’m speechless. They’re so good.
  • Karina is insaaaaane.
  • aespa slaeyd the live. Winter is amazing.
  • Seeing the videos here and on Twitter, I think Karina and NingNing really did well. I always thought NingNing’s voice was pretty and that her projection is good but I thought that it was lacking compared to Kar-Win. However, that’s not the case. She’s just real good.
  • Karina is so good and so pretty.
  • aespa *bookmark*
  • Oh
  • I expected them to have done well since there were not many comments and when I clicked in, I was not disappointed.

The girls truly slayed the performance! Despite their busy schedules, having just returned from New York and China respectively, they delivered above and beyond for the concert.

Source: Theqoo