Aespa’s Giselle Confronts “Single’s Inferno” Star DEX About Relationship With TWICE’s Sana

She’s asking the questions we all want answers to!

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Single’s Inferno star Kim Jin Young (also known as DEX) didn’t find love on the island. So, naturally, everyone wants to set him up with someone…

Kim Jin Young (also known as DEX) | Netflix

In February, DEX revealed in an interview that TWICE‘s Sana is his ideal type. He likes girls who are both sexy and cute!

What I always tell people is Sana from TWICE. Like both cute and sexy. And then, cute, sexy, and a bit innocent-looking. If I put those in words.


Sana | JYP Entertainment

DEX revealed he became a fan when he was serving in the military. It was like love at first sight when watching the TWICE music video.

Because Sana, since I was in the military, she actually debuted back then. When I was doing my religious activity, I first saw her. She impacted me a lot then. When I first saw the music video, ‘Wow.’


In September, DEX finally came face to face with his celebrity crush when Sana guested on his interview show, DEX’s Fridge Interview. Naturally, the two couldn’t help but flirt since it’s public knowledge she’s his ideal type.

Thanks to another idol, we now have an update regarding DEX and Sana!

A new episode of DEX’s show was released today, featuring aespa‘s Giselle as the guest. During an activity, they had to respond to “rumors,” revealing whether there was any truth to them or not.

Giselle (left) and DEX (right) | 일일칠 – 117/YouTube

So, Giselle asked DEX if he had stayed in contact with Sana, much to the production crew’s pleasure. She’s asking the questions we all want answers to!

| 일일칠 – 117/YouTube

Giselle: After meeting Sana in person, have you contacted her?

DEX: The production team looks so happy. They’re like, “Good job, Giselle!”

Yet, DEX shockingly revealed he had not. So, Giselle inquired why. He explained that he’s just a fan and doesn’t believe he’d get a reply even if he did reach out to Sana.

| 일일칠 – 117/YouTube

Giselle: No?

DEX: No!

Giselle: Why?

DEX: I’m her fan. I’m Sana fan and will always be. Many people were curious about that.

Giselle: Really?

DEX: I’d like to ask back. Even if I contacted her, I don’t think she’ll respond.

Giselle wasn’t done with this topic. Later in the interview, he asked her who her ideal type was, which she hesitated.

Don’t try to look at the SM staff.


일일칠 – 117/YouTube

Finally, Giselle confessed that she and Sana actually share the same ideal type. She described what she was looking for in a man, and, once again, DEX began flirting, claiming he fit the criteria.

일일칠 – 117/YouTube

Giselle: What Sana said, I was surprised that her ideal type and mine were exactly the same.

DEX: Oh really?

Giselle: There needs to be some awkwardness added there.

DEX: Are you talking about the nerdy?

Giselle: Slightly silly vibes.

DEX: Ah, slightly silly vibes?

Giselle: And…

DEX: Focus on me!

Giselle: Actually…

DEX: Just look at me!

Giselle: Actually, I like sharp faces. Someone who’s good at his job.

DEX: I think I passed on the second criteria. The third one…

Is Giselle trying to play matchmaker? Watch the full episode below.

Source: 일일칠 - 117

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