“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Kim Jin Young Spills On His Ideal Type

He may have also revealed his K-Pop bias!

Popular Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Kim Jin Young just revealed his ideal type in an interview with fellow YouTube content creator Agent H.

Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Kim Jin Young | Netflix

Physical: 100 contestant Agent H | Netflix

Both Jin Young and Agent H are actually a part of the broadcasting and media production company kthd studio (also known as Kick the Hurdle Studio). Both even received the same offers to compete in Netflix‘s Physical: 100 and Single’s Inferno 2. After discussing their options, Jin Young participated in Single’s Inferno 2 while Agent H competed in Physical: 100.

The two recently appeared on Agent H’s YouTube channel, Mission Possible, talking about Jin Young’s experience on the show. Although Jin Young had been deciding between Physical: 100 and Single’s Inferno 2, Jin Young revealed that he was so dedicated to finding a girlfriend on the dating show that he gave up smoking.

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

Since Jin Young had wanted to come out of Inferno as part of a couple but didn’t, Agent H asked what his ideal type was. Throughout Single’s Inferno 2, Jin Young went to Paradise with Lim Min Su, Lee Nadine, and Shin Seul Ki (his final choice). And in a recent video with Nadine, Jin Young shared that he’d also been interested in Park Se Jeong.

Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Lim Min Su | Netflix

Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Lee Nadine | Netflix

Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Shin Seul Ki | Netflix

Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Park Se Jeong | Netflix

At first glance, it might be difficult to determine Jin Young’s ideal type, but Jin Young explained that he is most focused on the feeling he gets within the first three seconds of meeting someone.

Agent H: Anyway, you didn’t come out as a couple. Then what is your real ideal type?

Kim Jin Young: Well, first, for real, I need to feel it within three seconds.

Agent H: What do you mean by three seconds?

Kim Jin Young: For real, real time.

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

And while he “[doesn’t] really care too much about” physique, Jin Young does think it is “good” if someone he’s interested in works out, since he has “respect for people who work out and care about their bodies.”

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

When Agent H asked Jin Young to pick the celebrity closest to his ideal type, Jin Young didn’t hesitate before answering with TWICE‘s Sana.

Kim Jin Young: What I always tell people is Sana from TWICE. Like both cute and sexy. And then, cute, sexy, and a bit innocent-looking. If I put those in words.

TWICE’s Sana

And for another example, Jin Young chose actress Kim Yoo Jung.

Actress Kim Yoo Jung

Although he definitely prefers Sana.

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

Jin Young admits that he’s biased in picking Sana because TWICE debuted when he was serving in the military.

Kim Jin Young: Because Sana, since I was in the military, she actually debuted back then. When I was doing my religious activity, I first saw her. She impacted me a lot then. When I first saw the music video, “Wow.”

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

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