Kim Jin Young Admits He Almost Competed On “Physical: 100” With Agent H, But Chose “Single’s Inferno 2” Instead

They both received the same offers.

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Netflix has been releasing some viral Korean reality content, including the second season of the hit dating show Single’s Inferno

Single’s Inferno 2 | Netflix

And the currently airing fitness survival show Physical: 100.

Physical: 100 | Netflix

In Single’s Inferno 2, Kim Jin Young was one of the most popular contestants, easily winning the hearts of both the female contestants in Inferno and the viewers at home.

Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Kim Jin Young | Netflix

Ironically enough, Jin Young has a connection to fan-favorite Physical: 100 contestant Agent H. Agent H became a favorite among viewers even after only two episodes of the new series had aired.

Physical: 100 contestant Agent H | Netflix

Both Jin Young and Agent H are former ROKN UDT/SEALs who went on to have careers as content creators on YouTube. They’re both actually a part of the broadcasting and media production company kthd studio (also known as Kick the Hurdle Studio). So it wasn’t a surprise that the two sat down to talk to each other about their experiences filming the two reality shows.

While talking, both Jin Young and Agent H revealed that they actually received the same offers to do both Single’s Inferno 2 and Physical: 100.

Kim Jin Young and Agent H | Mission Possible/YouTube 

The offer for Physical: 100 came first, and Agent H thought the two would be perfect contestants for it.

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

However, before they finished discussing the offer, the offer for Single’s Inferno 2 came.

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

Ultimately, Jin Young decided he didn’t want to participate in Physical: 100 when he realized he didn’t necessarily fit in with the other contestants.

They asked about which part of my body I’m proud of. I told them, ‘I don’t have any…’ They wanted me to show them. So I said, ‘I got nothing to show.’ So I was thinking about it for a while because we needed to choose between the two shows.

— Kim Jin Young

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

And Jin Young didn’t want to “[fail] poorly” on Physical: 100 when he could more actively “challenge for ‘Single’s Inferno’ instead.”

For Physical: 100, there were so many people who were better than me. Rather than failing poorly on the show, I wanted to challenge for Single’s Inferno instead.

— Kim Jin Young

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

But Jin Young and Agent H jokingly agreed that it would “be a disaster” if they’d both appeared on Single’s Inferno 2.

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

Agent H joked that they would have been “in the love triangle” if they’d been on the dating show together.

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

While Jin Young explained that he “can’t imagine” having had to go up against Agent H in the death match battle for Physical: 100.

| Mission Possible/YouTube 

Single’s Inferno 2 and Physical: 100 certainly would have been vastly different shows if they had changed the casting.

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